February 7, 2024


At D+M, we have been riding the wave of influencers and creators for some time now, and with this shift continuing, it is no longer a trend but rather a strategic powerhouse and on-going ingredient of the marketing mix. A strategic response to the changing consumer landscape, where authenticity, personal connection, and resonating narratives are highly valued. You can have confidence that great outcomes are being achieved in this space, with 67% of Marketers now amplifying their investment in influencer marketing budgets over the next 12 months.\

The key is understanding the dynamic nature of this arena. It's about fine-tuning frameworks that adopt the approach to ensure every facet of the consumer journey is covered and the influencer is leveraged to not only create brand awareness; but is also used as a tool to drive conversions, cementing brand loyalty. By crafting the right strategies and activations that resonate with your brand’s voice and objectives an end-to-end strategy is necessary to from influencer selection to creative development and execution. Followed by result analysis – to ensure a seamless campaign that will deliver results. 

As influencer marketing continues to evolve, so does the approach to measuring its impact. In 2024, metrics have become more nuanced and comprehensive. While engagement, reach, and views remain vital, there’s a heightened focus on conversion rates, audience sentiment, and the quality of interactions. Engagement metrics, such as comments, shares, and the nature of feedback, should be analysed to assess the true influence on audiences. Moreover, there’s an emphasis on the incremental value influencers bring, evaluating not just their reach but also the relevance and resonance of their content with the target audience.

The results speak for themselves within one of our recent campaigns launching a new neighbourhood shopping centre. The Mills North Parramatta demonstrates the opportunity and potency of leveraging a Micro-Influencer campaign. Acquiring over 200,000 views and nearly 3,000 engagements that were local, authentic, and relevant, this campaign with a very modest budget was able to foster genuine, relatable influencer partnerships that the target audience truly resonated with.


A Micro-InfluencerStrategy paves the way for a long-term, positive fruitful collaborations, that will get results. So here are our 8 reasons why you should leverage the power of Micro-Influencers: 

1.    Enhanced Engagement
Micro-influencers build closely-knit communities, driving up engagement and loyalty. They often have a more genuine and authentic connection with their audience, building deeper trust and delivering content that resonates with your target market.

2.    Cost-Effectiveness
Partnering with Micro-Influencers is a budget-friendly option that can allow you to partner with more than one. You can often reach a sizeable and engaged audience without breaking the bank, making it an efficient use of your marketing budget.

3.    Long-term and flexible Partnerships
Their flexibility facilitates further sustainable, impactful collaborations & partnerships which allow for creative and customised campaigns, that align with your objectives. This also ensures a unique and impactful marketing approach. Influencer posts may not result in immediate sales, but they compound over time. This is why it is important to track the performance metrics. Micro-Influencers are also generally more flexible and open to collaborative partnerships.

4.    Higher Success Rate
Due to the authority and personal connection that Micro-Influencers have with their audience, campaigns led by them often result in higher conversion rates. Their recommendations feel more like word-of-mouth referrals, with followers trusting their recommendations, making them more likely to act on endorsed products or services.

5.    Diverse Niches:
Micro-Influencers offer targeted marketing opportunities across various categories. Leveraging their niche expertise allows you to tap into a highly targeted audience that is genuinely interested in your product or service.

6.    Measurable Impact:
Their smaller, engaged following allows for accurate tracking of campaign results. Leveraging these statistics allows you to make more informed marketing decisions. You can tailor your influencer marketing strategy by choosing the right influencers, prioritising specific channels, and having realistic expectations for the returns on your investment.

7.    Geographic Targeting:
Micro-Influencers may have a more localised and region-specific following. This can be advantageous for targeting specific geographic locations (such ass hopping centres), allowing for a more tailored and impactful marketing approach.

8.    Diverse Content Creation:
Micro-Influencers are known for creating diverse and authentic content. Collaborating with them provides an opportunity to showcase your product or service in various creative ways, resonating with different audience segments.

The influencer marketing landscape in 2024 demands a strategic, refined approach to ensure campaigns create a lasting impact. If you’re looking for guidance, we can help you navigate this evolving space, which is constantly changing – we are passionate about creating campaigns that truly connect with audiences and amplify your brand’s message.


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