May 24, 2023


Storytelling is the foundation of any successful marketing campaign and key to setting your brand apart. Brands in today’s market need to understand the power of stories to transform their online presence and build trust, along with a connection with their audience. In fact, by telling a compelling story, brands can create an emotional connection with their customers, conveying their brand message in a more effective way. To the extent that, if the campaign is on point… marketing can even spark a movement.

At D+M, we work in this competitive landscape every day, partnering with our clients to establish entirely new brands or evolve existing ones. Through our research, we’ve found that the most successful brands are the ones that tell a good story. Lacking to do this, will lead to a struggle to differentiate in the space in which you compete – and convey the true brand personality. Brands that take the shortcut appear strikingly similar. Rather than embarking on a dedicated brand development process, these brands took the easy route of emulating their competitors, hoping (and praying) to achieve others' success. Unfortunately, this approach rarely yields any favourable outcomes and fails to capture the essence of a genuine brand story.

When working on brands, we immerse ourselves in understanding the brand in question and the target audience segments it aims to reach. This one-offinvestment of time and effort is an integral part of the process. Our team leaves no stone unturned, from meticulously crafting questionnaires to gain invaluable insights from stakeholders, to engaging in a series of meetings and conversations aimed at unraveling the intricacies of the business to identify the desired audience it aspires to attract. We culminate this journey with interactive workshops, allowing us to discern where the business can carve its niche and truly differentiate itself from competitors. It is through this differentiation that the brand is able to assert its unique identity.

"Developing your brand alone is hard work; you need to surround yourself with others who share your passion for your brand."

Every brand journey is unique because every story is unique. This needs to be amplified along with the core assets and elements that define its DNA. When shaping a brand, we continually ask ourselves questions such as:

- Who is the customer and how can we tell the story in a way that is both compelling and unforgettable?
- What will resonate with them?
- Who are the true competitors and what strategies are they employing?
- Are we imitating their approach or do we have a genuine story to tell with something different to offer?

The ease of entry into the market has allowed digitally native brands (DNBs) to thrive, often flooding the marketplace with their offerings. Consequently, some well-established brick-and-mortar brands have suffered, failing to successfully transition into the online realm and neglecting to provide current and potential customers, with an immersive brand experience tailored to their preferences.

In addition, the rise of AI and its associated options and platforms can steer us away from thinking creatively. Your brand will never be unique and original if you rely on AI to guide you. AI can provide you with a mixed bag of what has existed in the past but will never provide original creative thought or a bespoke process.

If your brand has stood the test of time, it is crucial to assess whether it accommodates the needs and desires of those drawn to it. Are you enabling them to experience your brand in the way they desire and at the time they prefer?

Remember, you need more than just a logo; you need a comprehensive brand that tells a captivating story.