July 19, 2022


Understanding your customer journey to develop a solid omnichannel framework, will build a future-proof foundation for growth. The customer journey is no longer linear or simple, it’s fluid moving from one marketing channel to another. Creating seamless unified experiences that connects touch points between desktop, mobile and in-store as well as being clear on which channels are the most influential and what messages resonate strongest, is key.

Successful brands must build relationships and experiences with their customers that only omnichannel commerce can offer and building that relationship is the most important thing, not only through your website and socials, but all channels. Your brand presence and message have to be active and engaging. This is not only because acquisition is challenging, but you need to keep a dialogue going.

The pandemic has accelerated brands adoption of an omnichannel approach. To help drive sales, digital and omnichannel eco-systems should be developed, to better support the customers experience and transform it to become a seamless experience with convenience, consistency and accessibility.

Knowing the options available in the marketplace is our business, especially when it comes to the digital ecosystem. It has never been easier or more cost effective to add personalised videos to humanize your campaign, the human experience is what audiences are looking for.

Integrated with an omni-channel approach, this campaign developed by D+M achieved a 13%-foot traffic increase, in comparison to previous years!